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For many interior design and architecture students and professionals, books by Francis D. Ching have proven to be extremely useful resources. His Design Drawing and Building Construction Illustrated are often required or recommended reading material for design students.
Design Drawing, by Francis D. Ching Ching's illustrations, descriptions and discussions on the topic of drawing basics in Design Drawing reflect an ease and simplicity that certainly gave me confidence in my own sketches and drawings, and his coverage of building construction provides a common sense and practical overview of building technology, emphasizing that one must be familiar with construction practices before one can actually design something that would be feasible or buildable.
One of the first books required as part of my four-year interior design studies at Cornell was Ching's Building Construction Illustrated which emphasized the important relationships between construction, technology, and design.
Building Construction Illustrated, by Francis D. Ching Ching's books have been updated over the years to reflect changes and advances in sustainable practices, building technology, building code, and in CAD software applications. A number of Ching's books are available with a companion CD-ROM which adds three dimensional demonstrations and applications of the material covered in the books. The timelessness of his drawings and written content keep the material fresh and relevant.
Other Ching classics, Architecture: Form, Space and Order and A Visual Dictionary of Architecture present invaluable written and visual information regarding the vocabulary and elements of architecture and design. These books offer budding architecture and design students, as well as practicing professionals, a review of the fundamental principles of architecture, and describe the relationships between components of building, architecture, and design.
The books I've listed are but a few of his works.
Francis Ching is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington's Department of Architecture. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame in 1966, and began his teaching career in 1972 at Ohio University. Mr. Ching has taught at the University of Washington for the past 20 years, teaching design studio and drawing courses. Here's his profile.
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Doodle for Google: What I Wish for the World
Google is encouraging K-12 students to think big with their "What I Wish for the World" Doodle 4 Google program in which students can submit their designs for Google's Home Page logo. School teachers and other school employees must register by March 17th for the program.Design entries are due by March 31st. Parents or students who are interested should contact their teacher or other school official to register for them.
There will be four different brackets (by age group) and ten different judging regions (by states). Students who attend private schools or who are home schooled are also eligible to participate.
For more information, including the complete competition schedule, or to register, visit www.google.com/doodle4google.


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